Prototypo #001
"Machines, Engines and Artifacts"

"Machines, Engines and Artifacts" marks the debut of Prototypo´s editorial project hosting a multidisciplinary research on the impact of technology and machine-culture in contemporary society. A pivotal issue throughout the Twentieth Century towards the definition of new architectural styles and ideologies, technological advances were extremely influential on the outlining of innovative methods and design tools. With the advent of the Information Age and computation, it becomes clear that no discourse on the condition of our present days can overlook these matters. In order to answer some of these interrogations Prototypo #001 summoned architects, artists and thinkers for a theoretical meandering on the machinic universe. At the core of this issue, two extensive presentations of the recent work by Neil Denari and João Luís Carrilho da Graça. Neil Denari received is Master of Architecture from the Harvard University and is currently the Director of the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles. His projects and competition submittals such as the National Library of Japan in Kansai or the Gallery MA, Tokyo reveal a continued interest on possible interfaces between architecture and technology, further outlined by his essay "Interrupted Projections". João Luís Carrilho da Graça is one of the most renowned "ambassadors" of Portuguese architecture with his sophisticated interpretation of the modernist vocabulary. Built work such as the Science and Technology Pavilion, Lisbon and the Algarve Hotel and Tourism School are remarkable demonstrations of his agenda, also discussed in an provocative interview. Additional contributions include essays and works by Hani Rashid, founder of Asymptote Architecture, Diller + Scofidio, an interdisciplinary studio at the intersection of architecture and the visual and performing arts, João Santa-Rita, Partner of Santa-Rita Arquitectos and Bragança de Miranda, Professor of Communication Sciences at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. A portfolio of Miguel Palma, Portuguese conceptual artist whose works delves into the invention of "disruptive machines", analyzed by Rui Tavares and a student´s work section complete this first issue of Prototypo.

Prototypo #001 "Machines Engines and Artefacts"
Published by StereoMatrix, Lisbon
164 Pages, Colour
22x23,5 cm
Out in January 1999