Prototypo #004
"Time Capsules"

travels through past, present and future tenses of architecture to explore its interaction with time. With the crossing of the millennium, time became a dominant subject of public discourse since crucial events of the contemporary world are organized around it: the processing speed of computers, television broadcasts, stock market sessions, flight schedules. Yet it is also an abstraction, which societies relentlessly try to measure, namely through architecture, a very specific kind of clock. Prototypo #004 presents visions of its possible future with a major feature on Asymptote Architecture recent output. The New York studio, founded by Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture, has developed several projects strongly linked to digital technologies such as the Virtual Trading Floor for the New York Stock Exchange, the Guggenheim Virtual Museum, the Technology Culture Museum, New York and a multimedia research facility in Kyoto. A major retrospective of Conceição Silva (1922-1982), Portuguese modernist pioneer and visionary, establishes links between two different chronological practices. Additional contributions include the Long Now Clock, designed by mathematician Danny Hillis to operate over a 10.000 year time-span, Greg Lynn and Jeff Kipnis proposal for the "New York Times" capsule competition, an extensive interview to Graça Dias/Egas Vieira, a Lisbon-based practice currently developing a major urban proposal for the Tagus river banks and a photographic portfolio by artist Daniel Blaufuks of a mysterious white castle lost in Southern Portugal.

Prototypo #004 "Time Capsules"
Published by StereoMatrix, Lisbon
166 Pages, Colour
22x23,5 cm
Out in September 2000